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Edugate Members

This is the current list of members, for a list of members who are trialing Edugate, see the test federation membership list. The list of organisations and publishers who have been invited to join are included in the spreadsheet below.. .

Service Providers


1. 3U Portal
2. Abbey Theatre Archive
3. ACLS Humanities E-Book
4. ACM Digital Library
5. Adaptis
6. Akari Document - IT Carlow Test
7. Akari Document - National College of Ireland Test
8. Annual Reviews
9. Atlases - Pathology Images
10. Student Store
11. CIT Blackboard Learn
12. CIT CampusIT
13. Cloudy Classroom
14. Dawsonera eBooks
15. DCU ePortfolio
16. DIT Blackboard Learn
17. e5.OntheHub e-academy
18. EBL Ebook Library
19. eBrary
20. EBSCOhost
21. Elsevier B.V.
22. Emerald Insight (Atypon)
23. Emerald Insights
24. Encyclopaedia Britannica
25. EssentialSkillz
27. HEA Drupal
28. HEAnet
29. HEAnet Client Portal
30. HEAnet e-Science Personal Certificate Service
31. HEAnet Edustorage
32. HEAnet EduStorage Portal
33. HEAnet Filesender
34. HEAnet LIR Group
35. HEAnet Media (beta)
36. HEAnet Media Management
37. HEAnet PKI Certificate Portal
38. HEAR and DARE
39. Highwire Press
40. IEEE XPlore Digital Library
41. International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
42. ITB Akari Document Production Site
43. ITB Akari Document Test
44. ITC Akari document
45. Microsoft Dreamspark
46. Moople
47. My Mind Matters
48. myILibrary
49. NDLR Repository
50. NUIG Akari Doc -Production
51. NUIG Apcoa Parking Permit Application
52. NUIG Community Knowledge Initiative
53. NUIG Graduate Studies
54. NUIG Test Akari Document Management
55. NUIG YourSpace
56. NUIGSU Services
58. Proquest
59. Proquest
60. Research Professional
61. Royal Society of Chemistry
62. Simply Voting
63. Software4Students IE
64. TargetConnect
65. TargetConnect UAT
66. Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Knowledge
67. UCD SU
68. UNiDAYS - Customers
69. University of Limerick Student Union e-Voting
70. USI Card
71. Video Conference Room Reservations
72. WEPA Cloud and Kiosk printing


73. CIT Blackboard Learn -test
74. CIT Ezproxy
75. CIT Google Apps
76. CIT Google Apps -test
77. DCU ePortfolio
78. DCU EZproxy
79. DCU Faculty of Science and Health booking system
80. DCU Google Apps
81. DCU Google Apps for Students
82. DCU Google Apps Pilot
83. DCU Moodle
84. DIT Blackboard Learn -Test
85. DIT Google Apps
86. Edugate Guest Identity Provider User administration
87. GMIT Moodle (Test)
88. Google Apps -Mater Dei Institute of Education
89. Google Apps -myEDU
90. Google Apps -Test myDIT
91. HEAnet
92. HEAnet
93. HEAnet bluenet-nmc
94. HEAnet Cacti BrownNet
95. HEAnet Cacti Graphs
96. HEAnet CircuitBreaker
97. HEAnet ClientDB
98. HEAnet Foreman
99. HEAnet Hotstandby Production Admin0
100. HEAnet Hotstandby Production Admin1
101. HEAnet Icinga (columbo)
102. HEAnet Icinga (fletcher)
103. HEAnet Netflow
104. HEAnet Noticeboard
105. HEAnet Racktables
106. HEAnet Redmine PM tool
107. HEAnet RouterOS
108. HEAnet RT
109. HEAnet Sidebar
110. HEAnet SmokePing - external
111. HEAnet SmokePing - internal
112. HEAnet SugarCRM
113. HEAnet SupplierDB
114. HEAnet Video Conferencing Room Bookings
115. HEAnet voip
116. HEAnet websvn
117. HEAnet
118. IADT EZproxy
119. IADT SU Wordpress
120. MIC Moodle
121. MIC Moodle -test
122. Microsoft
123. Microsoft Office 365
124. NCI Google Apps test
125. Syncplicity File Sync
126. TCDSU
127. UCC Mobile Web
128. UCD Connect Bridge
129. UCD Digital Library authentication
130. UCD Foundation Google Apps
131. UCD Google Apps
132. UCD Millennium Library Management System

Identity Providers


1. Athlone Institute of Technology
2. Ballyfermot College of Further Education
3. Cork Institute of Technology
4. Dublin City University
5. Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
6. Dublin Institute of Technology
7. Dun Laoghaire Institite of Art Design and Technology
8. Dundalk Institute of Technology
9. Edugate Test Identity Provider
10. Environmental Protection Agency
11. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
12. HEA - Higher Education Authority
13. Health Research Board
14. HEAnet
15. Institute of Public Administration
16. Institute of Technology Blanchardstown
17. Institute of Technology Carlow
18. Institute of Technology Sligo
19. Institute of Technology Tallaght
20. Institute of Technology Tralee
21. Letterkenny Institute of Technology
22. Limerick Institute of Technology
23. Marine Institute
24. Mary Immaculate College
25. National College of Art and Design
26. National College of Ireland
27. National University of Ireland, Galway
28. National University of Ireland, Maynooth
29. Quality and Qualifications Ireland
30. Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
31. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
32. The National Cancer Registry Ireland
33. Trinity College Dublin
34. University College Cork
35. University College Dublin
36. University of Limerick
37. Waterford Institute of Technology


39. HEAnet Dev IdP
40. My Organisation is not listed...
41. PDST Teachers
42. Social login...
43. SSO Circle
44. YOUR edu

Peer Services

1. Qualtrics Surveys Go...

2. Syncplicity Backup Go..

3. . Go...

4. ServiceNow Go...

5. Silanis Signature Transaction Manager Go...

6. Yammer Go...

7. Workday Go...

8. Moodlerooms/Joule

9. Microsoft Office 365 Go...

10. ZenDesk Go...

11. Go...

12. Cisco Webex Go...

13. SugarCRM . Go...

14. DocuSign Enterprise Go...<

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progressTrackerJan13.xlsx20.04 KB

Who is Edugate for?

Edugate provides a single access mechanism that can enable access to online resources supporting alliances, research collaboration, consortia and shared services. Now users can use the credentials issued by their institution to access Edugate enabled web-sites and benefit from a personalised and persistent experience, with privacy features that put the user in control.

Enable users to use the campus directory credential to access Edugate enabled web sites beyond the campus boundary from anywhere, whilst protecting the campus directory from unnecessary searches and the user credentials from use on web sites beyond your control. 

Your patrons are individuals, not IP Addresses!
Enable publishers to provide users with a consistent and personalised experience regardless of their location or the device they are using.
Improve the end-user experience by providing Single-Sign-On and reducing the frequency of prompts for campus credentials.
Connect your patrons to your subscribed resources, regardless of where the user performs their search.

Restrict access to your club or society web-site to valid campus users without needing the campus IT department to provide you with access to the entire campus user database.
For student unions, Edugate enables online elections that can authenticate all students currently enrolled without needing to expose campus credentials or personal information.

Example: UL Students Union

Provide your suppliers with a means to interact with all campus members. Whether its parking management, physical access management, catering or sports facilities, Edugate can provide a secure means to validate staff and student status. Access cards or tokens can be issued online in a self-service manner, removing the some, if not all, of the paperwork.

Example: Apcoa Parking Management

When establishing any online service that will be used by multiple institutions, Edugate will provide a means to authorise access to the service by user, role or institution without having to issue usernames/passwords or other credentials to the users of the service.
Most research projects are collaborations and when it comes to hosting collaborative tools or sharing documents and data, Edugate enables the hosting partner to seamlessly grant access to the project content.

Example: NDLR Repository
Example: HEAR and DARE

Campus IT managers and IT security officers are increasingly reluctant to synchronise user credentials or open up campus directory services to applications that are hosted in the cloud. Even locally hosted managed applications that require the campus credential to be processed by the application present a security risk. Edugate is built on the open SAML federated access standard that is used in the financial services, aerospace and governmant eID and provides Single-Sign-On without the risks.

Whether it's a central or local government service that needs to validate that a student is a current student, Edugate can open up the potential for numerous e-Government services for students (e.g. Grants and Tax Credits)

When offering a student discount online, relying on a campus email address leaves the offer open to abuse since many institutions offer 'email for life'. Edugate will allow you to know if a customer is a current student and which institution the customer is affiliated to.